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Star Wars Battle Pod by Lucasfilm / Bandai Namco Amusements

Star Wars Battle Pod

No other Star Wars game gives you the feeling of piloting an X-Wing or the Millenium Falcon quite like the arcade exclusive Star Wars Battle Pod.

The Hardware: The main aspect that makes this game unique is the technology behind it. That includes:
  • The Dome Screen - the action wraps around you, almost like VR but without the headset!
  • Wind Effects - wind blows at you to simulate acceleration!
  • Surround Sound - Experience iconic Star Wars sounds and game action in your own little pod theater!
  • Joystick/Throttle controls - with force feedback.

Play through five different levels based upon the original Trilogy universe of the film franchise - Yavin, Hoth, Endor, Death Star II and a unique level made just for this game, Vader's Revenge (aftermath of Yavin).

Take out enemy targets by lining them up in the center of your screen; keep them there for a moment to lock on with missiles and get an instant kill. Be careful not to only fire when you need to, you only have so much power.

Star Wars Battle Pod Vader's Revenger>
You definently will not find anything like this on a home console!

Star Wars Battle Pod
By Bandai Namco Games
Class: Space Simulator/Shooter
Players: 1
Cost: 8 tokens to start, 4 to continue

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