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Arcade Exclusive games and Rarities


There are several titles you can find at The Game Grid Arcade that are arcade exclusive titles and/or are rare games. Here's where you can find out more.

But first, check out this video showcasing all of our exclusive games as of January 2015:

Status: Incredibly rare and arcade exclusive - Cost: 2 tokens per credit

The Act: An Interactive Comedy was developed by the now defunct developer Cecropia who was based out of Massachusetts. They spent six years developing this game as an original game concept which in and of itself was a variation on the ideas put forth in classic arcade titles like Dragon's Lair. The Act gives you much more control over the main character than something like DL did however, as it makes use of a knob controller. By spinning the knob left or right it will change Edgar's actions, the further you go the more intense the action generally becomes. Some of the game involves trial and error to get everything right but the game also provides audio cues to let you know if you are doing something wrong.

In the game you take control of Edgar, a humble window washer who is working with his brother Wally at a hospital. While washing windows, he sees a nurse named Sylvia walk into a room and he has a little fantasy about meeting her in the setting of the classic movie Casablanca. This is where you first get to play.

There are several scenes you can play through: The Casablanca style meeting, getting the boss back into the window, acting as a doctor to sneak into the hospital, checking a lady's heart, getting Sylvia's attention, the Heimlich maneuver (probably the hardest scene in the game), racing through the hallways and the final Sylvia scene.

Overall the game tells a fun and interesting story, without the use of dialogue or a lot of text. Currently our game is equipped with a trackball instead of the knob as the knob device stopped functioning completely. If you come in an play, you can enjoy the game for only 2 tokens a play (50).

So what makes The Act rare? The fact that it is a prototype game that was never really released. Cecropia got to the point of location testing the game and they were looking into getting the game distributed but for reasons that were never entirely clear, the game was canceled after testing. When the title was canceled the company had produced 40 kits where the game could be put into any JAMMA cabinet and two location test cabinets which would have fit into what the final product would have looked like. Out of these 40 kits, only about 10 were sold publicly on eBay, the other 30 going to the members of Cecropia who worked on the game.

We were one of the few lucky ones to grab a kit when it showed up on eBay and as far as we know, we are the only venue on the planet where you can come in and play this anytime.

Here is an older review of the game that I made:

Review of The Act @ The Game Grid Arcade, Utah from Adam Pratt on Vimeo.

Dariusburst Another Chronicle (Taito)
Status: Fairly rare and arcade exclusive - Cost: 2 tokens to start, 2 to continue

At present, we are the only venue in the USA with this game as it is on location test (beta test for arcades).

This is a space combat shooter, the fifth installment in the Darius series which began in 1986. It is unique from other arcade titles as it uses two 32" LCD screens and a mirror to create a super widescreen image. An incredible sound system lets you feel each and every explosion and also sets the game apart from any home gaming experience. 1-4 players can play co-operatively.

On top of that the game has thousands of levels to play. By picking Chronicle Mode, you must complete objectives to pass a level. As entrie star systems are cleared, it will unlock new content for everyone to enjoy and thanks to the variety, there is plenty of reason to keep coming back to play. An extensive scoring system also allows you to try and show off each week

Visit our Darius page for more info!

CHASE HQ2 (Taito)
Status: Very rare and arcade exclusive - Cost: 3 tokens to start, 1 to continue

While not as rare as The Act, Chase HQ2 by Taito is still one game that not many venues have to offer - in fact we were informed by Aurcade.com that we are the only known location in the USA to have this game. Released in 2007 with little hype and by a company whose arcade presence has waned in the US over the years, many locations looked over this in favor of other titles. We are glad to have it however as it is a unique kind of game that sets itself apart by focusing on chasing enemies down instead of racing against them.

As such, there is a lot of things to destroy in the game, by running over objects like cones, benches, barriers, etc. you get a higher score and you also get to smash repeatedly into the criminal who you are chasing. Use the nitro to catch up and score some big hits, find and use secret paths to get ahead of your opponent and more. If there is one thing we could criticise about the game is that there are only five levels of play but at the very least they made them a lot of fun.

Chase HQ2 Review @ The Game Grid Arcade, Utah from Adam Pratt on Vimeo.

Status: Fairly rare - Cost: 1 token let's up to four people play

While this next game isn't exclusive to arcades, finding the game in it's cocktail arcade form is a rare event in a modern venue and even uncommon amongst collectors. In Warlords by Atari, the concept is fairly simple - defend your castle against the moving fireball and eliminate the other three castles on the screen. You defend your castle by moving the shield with one of the knob controllers. The game plays like an advanced multiplayer version of Breakout.

It may not look like much by today's standards but the game is a lot of fun to play. It is best played with four people - see which of your friends can dominate!

Terminator Salvation (Raw Thrills/Play Mechanix)
Status: Common but arcade exclusive - Cost: 4 tokens to start, 2 to continue

When Terminator Salvation hit movie theaters in May 2009, it was also given a video game treatment on home consoles, such as the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The home version was met with mixed reviews and as is often the case with movie-to-game translations, it didn't do so well. Roughly a year later, Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix released a Terminator Salvation game to arcades, so what is the difference you may ask?

Terminator Salvation Arcade is a completely different experience than the home versions as it's a fast=paced, on-rails light-gun shooter that shares little in common with the home version since it was developed by different game studios. The primary company behind this was Play Mechanix, who has many employees with vast experience in creating light-gun titles for arcades including games like Aliens: Extermination, CarnEvil and even Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

At The Game Grid Arcade, we have the 42" deluxe version, which uses large guns that have a "clip reload" feature , where you reload by hitting the clip button on the bottom of the gun. There are 8 levels to play through and the game also features worldwide online leaderboards. In fact, we are the only arcade in Utah with this game to connect it to the internet. Every month the leaderboards reset so you can constantly challenge other players across the world for dominance.

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