Located at the Valley Fair Mall, 3601 Constitution Blvd. STE F107, West Valley City, UT 84119, down the forgotten hallway by the Kids Zone.

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PC Network

It's not just arcade gaming that you can enjoy at The Game Grid, as we've also got a great PC LAN available with some of the greatest games out today. The networked PCs are each equipped with an AMD AthlonX2 5000+ CPU, 2GB of RAM, a 64-bit OS and an nVidia 8800GS graphics card to ensure a smooth gaming experience. We also have a 6Mbps connection to the internet so it won't be sluggish.

How does it work?

First you need to create an account. Currently we charge $3 to do this but you get two hours for creating the account. After you have made the account, the price for PC time is $2 per hour, and time can be paid for in advance.

What about safety online?

We only use Mozilla Firefox for our internet browsing. We use an up-to-date and secure web filter so no one can access inappropriate material while online. We also monitor internet usage to ensure that such materials cannot be accessed and that the internet is not being abused.

Some of our Games

Alone in the Dark
64-bit game with incredible graphics. Survival horror style gameplay.
By Atari
Single Player only

Call of Duty 4
Our most popular game by far. We also have mods such as Paintball.
By Infinity Ward
Single or multiplayer over LAN

Call of Duty: World At War
We also have Nazi Zombies with a ton of awesome user made levels
By Treyarch
1-8 players on our LAN

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2
Currently found on 4 machines
By Infinity Ward
1-4 players on our LAN; online multiplayer

One of the more original games to come along in a while
By Stardock Games
Single or multiplayer via LAN

Diablo II
We'll add the expansion soon
By Blizzard
Single player or 1-7 players on our LAN

Doom 2/Hexen
Enhanced with OpenGL graphics and abilities such as jump and mouse look
By iD Software
Single player or 1-7 players on our LAN

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind
w/ Bloodmoon & Tribunal expansion and a mod to improve the graphics
By Bethesda Softworks
Single player

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
; has all Obilivion DLC (such as Knights of the Nine, Wizards Tower, etc.) added to it and graphics enhancement mods.
By Bethesda Softworks
Single Player

Amazing game with excellent graphics and physics
By Atari & Terminal Reality
Single player only

Guild Wars
With Eye of the North exp.
By NCSoft

Halo 1
Includes custom edition which allows for mods and user made content. We even have a Zelda mod!
By Bungie
Single player or multiplayer over LAN

Halo 2
One advantage to having Vista. Features enhanced graphics over the Xbox version
By Bungie
Single player or multiplayer over LAN

Sacred 2
Single or Multiplayer over the LAN

By Alien Trap
8 players over the LAN, FPS with tons of maps

Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Also has Terrorist Hunt - work together to fight terrorists in waves
By Ubisoft
Single player or multiplayer over LAN

By Alien Trap
8 players over the LAN, FPS with tons of maps

Scorched 3D
this is a 3D remake of the awesome DOS classic with all the same weapons but with a few new features
By a small group of indie devs
Playable online or the LAN;

ShadowFlare: Episode 1
By Denyusha Co.,Ltd
2 players over LAN, RPG much like Diablo

Sins of a Solar Empire
With Entrenchment expansion
By Stardock Games
Single player or multiplayer over LAN

Imagine a cross between Worms and Quake. That's Soldat.
By an indie dev
Multiplayer over LAN or against bots

Space Force: Rogue Universe
By Provox Games
Single player space adventure

By Blizzard
Single or Multiplayer over LAN

Star Trek Online
The MMORPG for Trekkies
By Cryptic Studios
Online only; subscription to the game required (like WoW)

Street Fighter IV
By Capcom
Single or Multiplayer on the same system

Tomb Raider: Anniversary
This is a remake of the original Tomb Raider with modern graphics
By Eidos
Single player

Tribes 2
By Sierra Games
Single or multiplayer over LAN

TRON 2.0
By Monolith Games
Single player or 1-7 players over LAN, light-cycle and FPS deathmatch

Quake 1
The original FPS, but with the Dark Places mod enhancement
By iD Software
Single player or multiplayer deathmatch

Quake 3: Arena
Quake 3 with some mods
By iD Software
Single player or multiplayer deathmatch

Unreal Tournament 3
By Epic Games
32 players online

Windows Vista games
Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Mahjong Titans, Hearts, Inkball, Minesweeper, Freecell
By Microsoft
Single Player

World of Warcraft
By Blizzard Entertainment
MMORPG with the Wrath of the Lich King Exp.

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