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High Scores And Score Tracking

Since Computer Space, getting a score on a video game has been an essential part of the experience. When games advanced to tracking high scores on the machine itself, including the ability to let players to register their score as their own with a name or initials and saving the score from one day to the next, that enhanced the arcade experience.

At The Game Grid Arcade, we take it a step further by working to track your scores! We have a whiteboard where scores are tracked manually; for the #1 player on a game you can become an "Arcade Hero" where we will post your picture to the game with the achieved score so everyone can see who it is that made it.

We are now excited to announce that we have teamed up with Aurcade.com, the premier website for tracking arcade locations, games and high scores to electronically verify, track and show off new scores obtained at The Game Grid!

The electronic scoreboard as seen at the front desk

The process for registering and tracking your scores is pretty straightforward:
  • First create a free account at Aurcade.com. (Click here to go straight to the sign-up page!) You can also sign-up for free using one of the computers at the Game Grid.
  • Come into the Game Grid and tell us which game it is you wish to set a score on and what your name is on Aurcade.com.
  • We will verify that you get the score properly. There are certain rules on most games like no warps, 1 credit only, no cheats of course, etc.
  • Whatever score you get, we can log online using your Aurcade account which you can show off to friends!

Remember, you don't have to be aiming for breaking the world record score every time, just see if you can improve over your previous scores or on some games you can see what scores are posted from users at other arcades in the USA! It's an easy and fun way to keep track of your game progress and prowess!

Current Games
Here is a list of games you can be verified on through this system. We will be expanding this as often as possible. The links below take you to the leaderboards as tracked on the Aurcade website.

Check out the active Game Grid Arcade Electronic High Score Leaderboards here!
More coming soon!

Arcade Heroes
For The Best of The Best of The Best, there are the Arcade Heroes. How do you become one? Win the top place on almost any game at the grid (there are a few exceptions like air hockey, Pac-Man Battle Royale and others that do not have a well defined way of scoring). Let us take your picture and we will get it posted, along with your score onto the game, its as easy as that!

The owner of the Game Grid Arcade also operates the website ArcadeHeroes.com, the best arcade news site on the web!

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