Located at the Valley Fair Mall, 3601 Constitution Blvd. STE C128, West Valley City, UT 84119, next to Payless Shoe Source and across from RadioShack

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Friction (Friction Game Studios)

1-2 players go through an underground complex shooting bad guys and their transforming robotic masters. There are three areas to play through and a variety of enemies that try to stop you in your path.

Often this game is compared to titles like Target Terror, although the graphics are certain much better, running at a smooth 60FPS. Any crate or barrel can be shot, revealing power-ups which will temporarily give you a firepower boost, such as a machine gun, a shotgun or rockets.
Top Scores

We are setup with Aurcade.com for score tracking! All you have to do is register to that site for free and when you come in, tell us your account name and that you want to set a score for Friction. If you do that, we will only record what you get with one credit but it will be online for everyone to see and for you to show off!

1. BEN - 916,415
2. AWP - 896,797
3. MA - 721,944
4. We need more scores posted! Help us out!
5. We need more scores posted! Help us out!


Brand new shooter for 2011 by Friction game studios. We are the only arcade I know of in Utah that has this.
By Friction Game Studios
Class:Light-gun shooter
Players: 1-2
Cost:50 to Start, 25 to continue;

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