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EXCLUSIVE: Darius Burst Another Chronicle by Taito

In September 2011, The Game Grid had a unique opportunity to host a brand new video arcade game for a public beta test. Usually called location tests, such events are generally reserved for large arcades in population centers on the East or West Coast of the US. For any place in Utah to host such a test, it's extremely rare.

The game in question is called Darius Burst Another Chronicle, developed by Pyramid Inc. and Taito Corp. It's the fifth arcade installment in the series, which began with Darius in 1986 and continued on until G Darius in 1997. Darius introduced a few new concepts at the time that helped it stand out - it used multiple screens to create a wide display, featured a branching level select system where the player could choose their path and difficulty and it featured iconic bosses. The famous line "Warning! A Huge Battleship (Insert name of boss here) is approaching fast!" came from this game.

Darius Burst Another Chronicle was released in Japan on December 17th, 2010 and was picked up by over 330 locations in that country alone. The website Arcade Heroes.com launched an effort to bring Darius and shooter fans together to convince Taito to the US and Europe and a few months later, Taito announced that an English version of the game would be making its way to those territories in 2011. The location test at The Game Grid is just a part of that journey and after the test, the game will be given a wide release for other arcades to pick up and more players around the world to enjoy. Visit the official Darius Burst Another Chronicle homepage here

This marks yet another first for the Game Grid, following the addition of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Friction and Pac-Man Battle Royale to our line-up.

For the latest high scores on the machine, scroll to the bottom!


We ran a Darius donation drive to keep the game here. Thanks to the efforts of those below, we were able to secure the game so it is staying here.

Our thanks to all of you that have donated to this cause! Names of donors will go here (unless they request to remain anonymous):

Player's Guide/Tips

Know before you go with the Official Darius Burst Another Chronicle Player's Guide. Includes game story, how to play and what in-game symbols mean.

Click here to download! (PDF Format)

We also have a hard-copy you can review attached to the cabinet

PROTIP#1: You do not need to tap the Fire button constantly. Holding it down will suffice for auto rapid fire.

PROTIP#2: On your first time playing the game, try it on Infinite Lives mode. While you won't be able to save your score, this lets you play for a while so you can get the hang of the game

PROTIP#3: Learn how to use the Detached/Fixed Burst (double tapping the Burst button). By properly using this, it can give you a huge advantage in the game.

PROTIP#4: The best ships to start off with are either the Legend Silverhawk or the Next. Formula and Origin are for advanced players.


Darius Burst Another Chronicle has a number of awesome features that make it stand out in the packed field of video games. Such as:
  • 2 32" monitors configured to create a super widescreen image for a larger field of play.
  • Four players can team up to fight back against the robotic hordes! The shared power-up system means no worries about one player hogging all the glory.
  • "Body sonic" booming sound system that makes use of two subwoofers so you feel each explosion.
  • Soundtrack produced by the famous ZUNTATA
  • Two headphone jacks so you minimize other sound from the arcade around you
  • Hundreds of levels to play! Choose your own difficulty each time!
  • Choose from four different ships, each with unique abilities
  • Explore the galaxy, liberate the star systems in CHRONICLE MODE! With over 1300 levels to explore(2048 expected after the game is updated), each with a different goal to "liberate" the level, progress is made by the community of players. Fully liberated star systems unlocks new ships and bosses!
  • Infinite Ship Entry - play through the game with unlimited lives for an extra price. (Drawback is you can't save a high score or unlock a level in Chronicle mode)
  • Stellar, vibrant graphics without a hint of slowdown while enemies pile onto the screen
  • Only 50 per credit!

To top it off, it is also an arcade exclusive game which means you'll only find it in arcades, no luck finding it on Xbox360/PS3/Wii/PC/etc. And the only place in Utah you will find it at is The Game Grid!


Chronicle Mode
My futile attempt to clear a 1cc level in Chronicle Mode

Japanese Version
This guy knows how to play!
Chronicle Mode

In our opinion this is the best part of the game. With hundreds of levels to play, no one will get tired of this mode anytime soon. There are multiple star systems to liberate, each with multiple areas. Each area has a certain condition that must be met for that area to be liberated (such as clear all levels on one credit; play through with 2, 3 or 4 players; used a fixed set of equipment, etc.) . When all areas in a star system are liberated that will unlock features such as new ships and bosses.

CURRENT PROGRESS (Updated 12/22/12):

  • First Star System: 100%! - Final level cleared by Adam Pratt -NOTE: You can still play any cleared level and challenge the high score set
  • Second Star System: 52%
  • Third Star System: 1%
  • Fourth Star System: 1%
  • Fifth Star System: 2%

Top Scores

Like the good ol' days of arcade gaming where scores meant something, Darius Burst Another Chronicle has a strong focus on scoring for players to show off their skills. In a multiplayer game, only the best player of the group gets to register their score; this is all for Original Mode. Chronicle Mode details can be found above.

CURRENT PROGRESS (as of 12/21/2012; Click on the images to enlarge):

Week of 12/11/2012:

FIRST WEEK(week of 9/25/11)

Scores will be updated often

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