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Blazing Angels (Ubisoft/GlobalVR)

The home console WW2 flight combat game comes to the arcade, sporting a 42" HD screen, surround sound and flight stick controls. We have the sit-down model. The game itself has been modified to fit in with arcade style play where there are two separate modes to play.

Campaign Mode gives you nine different levels to choose from with varied difficulties. Each level will have three objectives for the player to obtain, once those are surpassed, you can pick the next level.

Dogfight Mode also has nine levels of play to choose from but in each you will face three waves of 12 fighters that must be eliminated within the time limit to continue.

The controls on the flight stick have a trigger for firing your primary cannon, a thumb button on the left side for firing missile that most planes have. The missiles will replenish themselves after a short time; bullets from the gun cannon are unlimited. In Campaign mode you can use the thumbstick to order your wingmen to take up defensive or offensive positions. There is also a button lower on the stick for activating your landing gear although this really doesn't have much of a purpose for the game.

The throttle on the left controls the speed of your plane. It also has a button which will activate an auto-targetting feature, where the nearest enemy target will be sighted.

Blazing Angels
By Global VR
Class: Shooter
Players: 1
Cost: 75 to start, 25 to continue

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