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Asteroids Deluxe (Atari)

During the cultural space craze of the late 70s and early 80s, it seemed like almost any space themed game could take the world by storm. Atari was a top producer of arcade game content but they wanted something to steal the thunder that Taito had made in 1978 with Space Invaders. So in 1979 they released their second vector game, Asteroids and it was a huge success, becoming one of their most iconic games ever.

The rock-blasting action was such a big hit that Atari quickly followed up with a sequel called Asteroids Deluxe, which is what we have at The Game Grid Arcade. This game addressed issues many players had with the first title, in particular that it was "too easy" for them (at the time, players craved challenging games, which caused games like Missile Command II to get the axe because it wasn't much of a challenge). The most devastating introduction to the Deluxe sequel was that of the Killer Satellites, which break apart like an asteroid when shot but they relentlessly chase the player around the screen. This makes it so you can't just camp out in one sweet spot for the entire game and you have to learn how to run, then use your momentum while turning around to blast them. Asteroids Deluxe also featured improved graphics with rotating asteroids and a very cool holographic kind of effect thanks to a trick using a half-silvered mirror and black-lit cabinet art.
Top Scores

We are setup with Aurcade.com for score tracking! All you have to do is register to that site for free and when you come in, tell us your account name and that you want to set a score for Asteroids Delluxe. If you do that, we will only record what you get with one credit but it will be online for everyone to see and for you to show off! Fortunately the game will save the top three scores logged to it, as lsited here below.

1. PWW - 10/??/11 - 97,550
2. We need more scores logged! Help us out!
3. We need more scores logged! Help us out!

Asteroids Deluxe
By Atari
Class: Shooter/Classic
Cost: 25= 2 Credits!
Arcade Exclusive display (vector monitor)

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