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News Archive

    This is an archive of news run on our main site in previous years. If you really want to stay up-to-date then please visit and floow or like one of our social media pages as those are a bit easier to maintain. You can find us on:

News (8/2/2014) Adam


We keep working hard to provide you the best in arcade entertainment at The Game Grid Arcade. New updates:

- ReRave has been upgrades to ReRave Plus. This is a major update that improves the graphics, enhances play with new note types and commentary on how you are playing, and new songs are being added to the game on a weekly basis! Stay plugged into our Facebook page for updates on new songs. They also have added a Wild difficulty for players who want a new challenge.

-Ms. Pac-Man is back and she is here to stay! Currently we have the original ("slow") version of the game installed

-A new code update for STAR TREK PREMIUM PINBALL is launching soon. Possibly within this next week. It includes speech from actor Karl Urban who plays Doctor McCoy (Bones) in the rebooted Star Trek movies

-World Qualifiers begin for Big Buck HD on August 14th. This means that if you have the skills, come in and play Big Buck HD at the Game Grid to qualify in the World Championship that takes place in October. Up to $67,000 in cash prizes are up for grabs with this tournament, which has become the biggest arcade video game tournament in the world and you can qualify for a spot at The Game Grid Arcade!

-Atari Games' KLAX is currently occupying the Mars Matrix cabinet

-The Game Grid Arcade will be going to the Salt Lake Comic Con, taking several games to the Salt Palace for that event in September!

News (8/2/2014) Adam


In the last update we mentioned the addition of a new game to the Grid called Allied Tank Attack. I wanted to take this opportunity to get into what this game is about.

This is an Arcade Exclusive game that in addition to giving you a game experience you can't get at home, it also has hardware that is handled best in the arcade. What Allied Tank Attack Offers:
  • Motion seat with 6 degrees of freedom it has air feedback into the controller and in the seat for when the Turbo function is activated
  • Yoke controller for aiming. Yokes were used in famous arcade games such as Atari's Star Wars or Exidy's Star Fire.
  • Several tank types and over 10 weapons to choose from
  • Three game modes - Story featuring 10 levels of play; Battle where you attack an enemy base; Survival where you see how long you can survive against waves of enemies
  • Currently the Game Grid Arcade is the only venue in Utah to offer this game
Most venues charge a premium for motion simulator games ($2/$3 a play) but we are looking to give you the most value out of the tokens you buy from us with ATA set to 4 tokens to start, 2 to continue. You can't miss the game when you come in - it is right up front between the KeyMaster and Big Buck HD games. We also have the latest hardware and software installed on this, we were the first location in the world to get a major graphics upgrade for the game which has it run smoother.

News (6/6/2014) Adam


Ok so it has been a while since the site was updated. Our Facebook and Twitter of course are updated constantly, where it is a little easier. To catch you up on what has been added/removed from the arcade since Batman arrived:
  • ALLIED TANK ATTACK by InJoy Motion & Barron Games has been on location test. This unique motion simulator video game allows you to drive a tank through an alternate history of WW2. There are three unique game modes and plenty of virtual destruction abounds! This is another ARCADE EXCLUSIVE game and I do not know of anyone else near Utah that has this game yet.
  • TRANSFORMERS HUMAN ALLIANCE by Sega Amusements is on site. Work with Autobots such as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to defeat the Decepticons in their never changing plans to be evil. This is a light-gun shooter for 1-2 players and is also ARCADE EXCLUSIVE
  • STAR TREK PREMIUM PINALL by Stern Pinball recently joined our crew of games. This is a higher end version of the new Star Trek Pinball game, with more features than the standard "Pro" models. It uses a full range of multi-colored bright LEDs, a shaking starship model, lasers and more. It is a very fun game, one of the best pins to come along in a while.
  • DONKEY KONG by Nintendo is here. This is an original cabinet that came to us in stellar condition. Can anyone get to the famous "kill screen"?
  • BATTLEZONE by Atari was added shortly after DK. Unfortunately this has been hit with a number of issues that have kept it from operating consistently but we are working on getting this resolved.
  • Doodle Jump Arcade, Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man and Dance Maniax have all left. These were games not under our ownership and the owners have pulled them out, in one case because the owner was moving to another state. WE ARE WORKING TO GET A REPLACEMENT MS. PAC-MAN MACHINE. I completely understand how much people enjoy this game so we will get our own. Apologies on the trouble.

Also, it is the Game Grid Arcade's SIXTH birthday this Sunday! Thanks again to everyone that has helped us keep the arcade dream going!

News (2/3/2014) Adam

New BATMAN Arcade Game - Drive The Batmobile and Save Gotham City!

There are many Batman games to chose from out there but none are like the new arcade exclusive BATMAN by Specular Interactive and Raw Thrills. From the Classic TV series to the Dark Knight Tumbler, you take control of one of the most famous driving machines of all time as you battle it out on the streets of Gotham City against Mr. Freeze, Bane and The Joker among others. Experience this unique Batmobile experience at the Game Grid Arcade now!
News (2/3/2014) Adam

New Air Hockey Table - Air Ride

Back in December we made a big change to our line-up - the air hockey table that we had started with at the arcade was replaced with a brand new table by Barron Games called the Air Ride. This modern table features amazingly fast play, multi-color LED lighting, music and sound and also scoring and a time built right into the playfield!
News (12/5/2013) Adam

Big Buck HD: Duck Dynasty Arcade At The Game Grid!

Are you a fan of Big Buck? Or a fan of Duck Dynasty? If you are a fan of both then we have the game for you. A few weeks ago our Big Buck HD machine received a free update to include exclusive Duck Dynasty content. The game is like a modern Duck Hunt with a few twists. Here is a review we put together

Also we put together this review/overview of ReRave to give you an idea of how it all works! I will be creating some other review videos, the next will be how Chronicle Mode Works in Dariusburst Another Chronicle.

News (9/20/2013) Adam

Upgrade to Fast And Furious Supercars!

When the Game Grid opened in 2008, one of the first games we had on hand was Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. After 5 years the game was showing its age and after a sequel to that game was released which supports HD resolutions, we just had to upgrade. Now enjoy the upgraded Super Cars experience which adds more than just the HD screen - it also now has achievements, new cars, more tracks, a turn warning system and more. 3 tokens to play!

News (8/8/2013) Adam


UPDATE: The game has now arrived to the Grid and is playable.

One game genre we have sorely lacked since opening was a music/rhythm game. Finding the right game at a good price isn't always an easy task but our time without such a game is coming to an end with the coming arrival of ReRave Arcade.

This music game is a little different from what you might be accustomed to seeing at an arcade. Instead of using foot controls, you touch the on-screen symbols with your hands when the time is right. You can play on Easy, Hard and Master and there is a growing selection of music with constant online updates adding to the mix. The game can handle 1-2 players simultaneously and it even has online profiles. We are the only arcade in Utah that will have the game and to top it off, the model we are getting was first tested out in Japan (although no worries, it has English software).

Here is a video showing the "attract mode" of the game, which explains how to play. Get ready, it will be here soon!

News (6/8/2013) Adam


Thanks to everyone from God, Family, Friends and you the customers, we've hit the ever elusive milestone of 5 years in business. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported us in this endeavor and here's to more years with more growth! Thank you!

For old time's sake, here's a picture from our first location when we got started way back in 2008:

News (5/11/2013) Adam

Pac-Man Battle Royale Tournament Edition Prototype!

We are proud to announce the arrival of yet another very rare gem to our collection - an upgrade to Pac-Man Battle Royale that we call Tournament Edition. NO ONE ELSE has this software build which as of yet has never been released to arcades in general. Experience a more entertaining approach to the Pac-Man Battle Royale concept with larger arenas, more opponents and new scoring!

Read more about this unique and official prototype game at Arcade Heroes!

News (2/28/2013) Adam

40+ Games and Counting!

Thanks to your support we have been busy growing lately, adding more games so that everyone has something to enjoy when they make a visit to the Grid! Since January we have added: a 4-slot NEOGEO cabinet (currently featuring KOF2002, Blazing Star, Metal Slug and Last Resort); Sega KeyMaster prize game; Atari's Centipede/Multipede/Missile Command multi-game; Namco's Deadstorm Pirates; and Sega's OutRun 2. With OutRun 2 this has brought us to 40 game cabinets although if you throw in the multi-game stuff like the NeoGeo, Namco Classic Collection and the Multipede its over 50. We've got more to come this year so stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook pages for frequent updates!

News (12/08/2012) Adam

Come Participate in the High Score Event Of The Year!

News (12/07/2012) Adam

Score Tracking Through Aurcade.com

We are excited to announce that we have upgraded our ability to track high scores for you the players. So far it's just been the "old school" method through our white board attached to the wall but now it can be done electronically, thanks to a setup we have going with Aurcade.com. When you log any score on an approved game, we can get that listed onto the Aurcade website where your score can be seen by anyone around the world and also friendly competition with some other arcades in the country such as the Galloping Ghost Arcade and Underground Retrocade, both located in Illinois.

All you need is a free Aurcade account which you can sign-up for here. Once you come into the Game Grid, let us know which game you want us to track your score on. Once we verify your score, we can have the score added to the Aurcade website and the Game Grid Electronic Leaderboards! Pretty easy! Also, anyone who gets the top score at the Game Grid can still get their picture taken and added to the game as an Arcade Hero. Let's get some scores listed!

Here are the current games we can log with Aurcade scores, more to come soon!

News (11/21/2012) Adam

Happy Thanksgiving! // Black Friday Hours

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! One thing we are thankful for is you the customer, without your support, we would not exist. As the next year comes along we will strive to continue adding games you want to play along with some unique arcade titles that you can't find anywhere else.

With Black Friday, the mall operates on different hours. We will be open starting at 12AM Friday morning and will be open from then until 10PM that day. Pac-Man Fever Month will continue so you can take advantage of that and we also will be putting some games on half price, watch our Facebook or Twitter feeds for which ones that applies to. Also, after Black Friday the mall will be operating on longer hours up until Christmas. Click here to see the hours.

News (11/1/2012) Adam


We have the games, now enjoy your passion for Pac-Man with PAC-MAN FEVER MONTH, running all through the month of November!
News (8/31/2012) Adam

New Games!

We continue to keep bringing more entertainment to the Game Grid, giving you plent to do when you pay us a visit. Today we brought Big Buck HD to the floor, replacing Big Buck Safari. You can post updates to Twitter and Facebook from this game, and compete in tournaments at any time to win cash! Sign up for a free account at BigBuckHD.com to take advantage of the features when you play!. Also this week, we added Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter. On top of that we have added: Baby Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga! X-Men will be operational soon as will Zaxxon as promised, although those have taken longer than anticipated to get running.
Arcade Heroes

In addition to being the best arcade news site on the internet, Arcade Heroes is now a program we have going on at the Game Grid! Every person that gets the #1 score on a game can get their picture taken and posted on the game so everyone can see who it is that made the achievement! We already have several posted and there is always an opportunity for more! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates!
+ -
News (7/24/2012) Adam

Building Up Our Game Selection

Now that we have settled into our new spot, we are working on filling it up with more games. First we have added Sega's Pitfall II Lost Caverns. It is unique from the home versions most people are familiar with on the Atari 2600 or Colecovision. We also will be placing Sega's ZAXXON and Shiobi on the floor within the next few weeks. Next up, we are adding X-Men by Konami, the dual screen 6 player model. That will hopefully be here sometime in August. Finally also coming in August to replace Big Buck Safari, which we have had since we opened four years ago, the new Big Buck HD. Stay tuned for more as we want to keep bringing you more to do when you visit!

Also our phone has been disconnected since we moved but I hope to get that figured out here soon.
News (5/17/2012) Adam


See this above? That is an original copy of DARIUSBURST for the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). Very rare as it was never released in the US. It is what Taito based Another Chronicle off of. Not only that but some awesome and rare Silverhawk models are up for grabs as a grand prize and more.

Check out this page for more details! See you on the 26th!
News (3/16/2012) Adam

St. Patrick's Beatdown - March 17th!

    Come celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a tournament on the hottest fighting games on the market: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Street Fighter X Tekken, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, KOF XIII, Soul Calibur V and Mortal Kombat 9. This trailer says it all! If you can't make it, there will be be a LIVE STREAM of the event at the Utah Street Fighters Feed

News (1/26/2012) Adam


    Once again due to mall reconstruction, we have moved locations but this time, it's an upgrade. We are now located in the main hallway of the mall, at the former Candy Barrel location which is next to Payless Shoe Source and across from RadioShack.

We have more space than before so we can hope to expand further with more games in the near future!

News (9/26/2011) Adam

Public Beta Test Exclusive: Darius Burst Another Chronicle by Taito

     In 1986, Taito (creators of games like Space Invaders, Qix, Bubble Bobble, Elevator Action, etc.) released a unique game to arcades called Darius. The horizontally scrolling space shooter would carve out a fanbase due to it's unique features such as using three monitors for a large widescreen effect, it's unique branching level select system and more. Now in 2011, the latest installment of the series comes back to arcades after a 14 year hiatus called Darius Burst Another Chronicle.

DBAC holds true to the Darius series roots while adding more to the experience. Two 32" displays create a super widescreen effect; an incredible sound system with the "body sonic seat" let's you feel every explosion, unlike any game you've experience. Top it off with hundreds of levels to play and explore, multiple leaderboards and 4 player co-op, this is a game you have to experience for yourself. At 50¢ a credit it also won't break the bank!

For more details including the latest high scores visit our new DARIUS BURST page!

News (7/27/2011) Adam

Pac-Man Battle Royale

     Remember Pac-Man? Why of course, he's never really gone away. The most popular arcade character of all-time is back in arcades with PAC-MAN BATTLE ROYALE! 1-4 players can face off in a Pac maze, seeking out the Power Pills before their opponents get them. But unlike other Pac-Man games, the point here is not to eat all the dots in the maze and the ghosts - now you are after the other Pac-Men in the arena (no worries, the dots and the ghosts are still around). This is a unique, arcade exclusive game and we are the first arcade in Utah to carry this awesome title! come down this Friday evening or anytime afterwards to check it out and prove to everyone that you have what it takes to be a Pac-Man Champion!

News (6/3/2011) Adam


    With school out and summer pretty much getting started (aside from all the cold rain recently) we've got you covered for your entertainment needs. Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (the authentic arcade edition, not a bootleg or knockoff) is now 2 tokens (50¢) to start, 1 token to continue. We have a new, arcade exclusive light-gun shooter called Friction(pictured above) at 2 tokens to Start, 1 to continue. Tournaments are taking place every month, come show off yor skills and compete against others on various fighting games. It's going to be a great summer at The Game Grid!

News (4/19/2011) Adam


    There is only one place in Utah where you can now play Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and its at The Game Grid. We have an awesome screen, Sanwa controls and of course, meet up with other SF fans of the Utah Street Fighters. Thanks to the community for their help with providing parts to help us get this running! Tournaments coming soon as well!

We also aren't done yet! Stay tuned for another new game we will be getting, a fun light-gun game called FRICTION!

News (1/29/2011) Adam


    It's one of the most anticipated fighting games to come along in years and until now, you had to go to California, Texas or Japan to experience it. Now, SSFIV AE is coming to Utah and it's only going to be at The Game Grid Arcade!

     Arcade Edition features extra characters and balancing not found in the home console versions of the game. Beyond that no online matches with ridiculous lag - play against someone in public, lag free with arcade quality Sanwa sticks and buttons. We will have frequent tournaments where you can meet up with other Street Fighter players in the area. There is nothing like playing Street Fighter IV at the arcade, where it was MEANT to be played!

UPDATE: I have to apologize but due to circumstances outside our control the kit has been delayed. The latest word is that we will have it in Mid-March. In the meantime, we have fitted the cabinet with a new HD monitor and authentic Sanwa controls. Once the kit arrives, it shouldn't take too long to install and then we will be ready to go!

Stay tuned for an exact date!

News (1/3/2011) Adam

Happy New Year! Welcome Marvel VS Capcom 2 to the Game Grid!

    You've asked for it, now it's finally here. The great Marvel VS. Capcom 2 is now at the Game Grid, sitting between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and NeoGeo machines.

We've got more planned throughout the year so stay tuned!

News (11/30/2010) Adam

New To The Game Grid: Call of Duty: Black Ops

It's already one of the fastest selling video games ever and we have it here at the Game Grid on every PC! Come in and play, this version even supports the Xbox 360 controller if you have a preference for those!

Our thanks to iGames for the opportunity!

Also stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates on when you cna come in and visit us this holiday season. The Valley Fair Mall has extended hours on many days although they have left it up to those of us in the mall to really spread the word about it. Pretty much every weekend up to Christmas, we are open for a few extra hours. We also have Gift Certificates available now, which make great stocking stuffers!

News (9/10/2010) Adam

New To The Game Grid: Achievements

We have added a new page to the website and a new feature to our business - Achievements. It's like ticket redemption but without tickets as you can accumulate points to spend on items we offer - candy, PC time, T-Shirts, headphones, etc. We'll probably add more items you can use points on as time goes on.

To find out more as well as read about our current challenges, visit the new Achievements page.

News (8/9/2010) Adam

New games: Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom; Street Fighter III 2nd Impact

It's always great to have more to do at an arcade so we are pleased to announce some new games to our line-up.

First off, our most recent acquisition, Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom. This four player game from 1993 is a unique scrolling fighter that gives us two arcade RPG's to our line-up and of course it's a blast to play with three of your friends.

I have mentioned this before but we also have Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact. I know that most SF3 fans prefer 3rd Strike but unfortunately that doesn't show up on eBay all that often. Still 2nd Impact is a solid fighter and worth checking out. We have kept Marvel Vs. Capcom and will be putting that into a new cabinet as soon as possible. I also will be fixing up the KOF98 cabinet soon.

News (5/7/2010) Adam


Come in and play the latest arcade game on the market, 4 tokens to start, 2 to continue. This game is EXCLUSIVE to arcades, with no port to the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 or PC coming along. This is completely different from the home edition of Terminator Salvation that was released last year, so if you were disappointed with that game as many people were, here is a movie-to-game translation that doesn't disappoint.

News (5/5/2010) Adam


It has been a while since we had the opportunity to get our hands on a brand new arcade title but that will change this Thursday as we welcome the new Terminator Salvation Arcade game by Raw Thrills/Play Mechanix to our line-up.

TSA is already a mega-hit in various locations across the world and we are proud to offer players in West Valley a chance to enjoy the game for themselves. The game was designed by arcade industry veterans, one of which actually created the Terminator 2 arcade game and others who have worked on great light-gun games like CarnEvil and Aliens: Extermination.


  • Excellent graphics on a 42" screen with 1080p resolution/60FPS and destructible environments
  • Deluxe guns with the "Clip" reloading feature - hit a clip on the gun to reload
  • Booming sound
  • National online leaderboards. Compete with others in the US for the top score!
  • A storyline along with voice acting
  • An awesome cabinet lit up with red LEDs and a Terminator head looking down at you while you play
  • Eight long levels to wreak havoc through
  • No other location near Utah has put their Terminator ONLINE.



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