Located at the Valley Fair Mall, 3601 Constitution Blvd. STE C128, West Valley City, UT 84119, North area of the mall between JCPenny and the center court.

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Allied Tank Attack (InJoy Motion & Barron Games)

Allied Tank Attack

Jump into a tank with InJoy Motion's arcade exclusive Allied Tank Attack! We are the only arcade in Utah that has this unique motion-seat tank battle game!

There are three modes to pick from: Story; Battle; Survival which combine to give the player a lot to come back to. Story Mode lets you chose from two regions where you battle against the Axis forces and their commanders. Complete the stated objectives to progress through each level.

Battle Mode was designed for multiplayer however it works fine with only one unit (for the moment we only have one). This is a "destroy the opposing base" mission where you have to attack the base on the other side of the battlefield.

Survival mode pits you against wave after wave of spawning enemies, who will become tougher as the clock counts down. How long can you survive?

The controls are unique compare to most games you might encounter on the market - this uses a 'yoke' controller, which has been used on arcade games in the past like Atari's Star Wars. Twist the controller like a steering wheel to move your view left/right; move the joysticks on the side of it up or down to move your view in the appropriate direction. Finger triggers fire your main cannon and the thumb triggers fire a machine gun. Foot pedals control forward or reverse movement. As mentioned, the seat on this game moves - powered by specialize air springs, feel the dips and hills as you move along or the G-Force from a turbo boost!

Allied Tank Attack>
You definently will not find anything like this on a home console!

Allied Tank Attack
By InJoy Motion / Barron Games
Class: Tank Simulator/Shooter
Players: 1
Cost: 4 tokens to start, 2 to continue

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