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As Achievements have worked on game consoles to incentivize additional play and interest in certain games, we want to do the same thing for arcade titles that don't have such achievements as a part of their software. This gives you an opportunity to not only try out a game you might not normally play but to also challenge yourself and achieve something. Arcade games are made to be difficult and as such it takes practice and skill to become good at them. We are doing this in conjunction with the Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL who started using a system that we have changed slightly to fit in with our own arcade.

So how does it work at The Game Grid? First, an Achievement account will be created on the front desk computer where you need to make a Gamertag (a name that can be used in certain games) as well as your official initials that will be used on each game to verify that it's you.

When you want to attempt an achievement, you must let us know at the front desk so we can verify it. If you manage to be the challenge, we will sign it off on your card as well as on the computer. To avoid cheating, the achievement MUST be signed off on our computer to earn credit. We also will have papers with the achievements listed so you can track it.

Earned achievements earn POINTS. They can be used to purchase certain things, like tickets at a redemption arcade. To receive credit for your points, we will keep track of what is used on your account.

1 hour of PC time: 300 points
Big Buck Safari Shirt: 600 points
Headphones: 7500 points
Video Games: Varies, come in and see
Gift Cards: 1600 points for $15 iTunes card; 1100 points for $10 Zynga cards (Farmville or Mafia Wars)
OTHER: We will be adding other prizes soon at the front desk: toys, plush, video games, etc. Come in to find out what the values are.

Top Players
Top 10 Players as of 11/30/2010(updated frequently)

1. Jon G - 825 points

2. k_perez - 675 points

3. So Amazing - 375 points

4. eridangar - 350 points

5. ACE - 275 points

6. JGB - 125 points

7. Obnoxious Beaner - 50 points

8. kirak - 25 points

9. Waterboy - 25 points

10. Rogue - 25 points

List of Achievements
Here are the current achievements as of 9/23/2010(new additions have been added). Please note that changes might be made at any time. If an achievement is deleted for some reason and you have already got points for it, you will not lose your points.

25 Points

Adventurer - Play Gauntlet Dark Legacy with three other people
Amateur - Obtain a level 10 character in Gauntlet Dark Legacy
Are You Human? - Spell out LUCKY on any level in Blazing Star
Charity - Buy a credit for a friend on Terminator Salvation
Early bird - Be here before we open, waiting outside the gate and come play something
Face Melter - Unlock the Ark of the Covenant Multiball in Indiana Jones
Fan - Become a Fan of the Game Grid on Facebook
Fighter Friday - Play any 1-on-1 fighter (KOF98, SFIII) on a Friday
Flanderdoodles - Hit the Skill Shot on Shrek Pinball
Magical Monday - Play Magical Drop II on a Monday
Mitchell Monday - Play Pac-Man on a Monday
Party Gatherer - Play Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom with three others
Piercing Blades - Play Crossed Swords with a friend
Running With Ryu - Make it onto the high score list on Ninja Gaiden
Show Off - Post a picture of you at the arcade on our Facebook page
Turtles Tuesday - Play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on a Tuesday
Warlord - Be the last player standing in a four player human match on Warlords
Weibe Wednesday - Play Donkey Kong on a Wednesday

50 Points

Gamefan - Write a review of your favorite game at The Game Grid Arcade and post it on our Facebook page under Reviews.
Furious - Beat a human opponent in a Tokyo Drift race AND make 1st Place
Head of the Pack - Get 1st place in a race against the computer on Tokyo Drift
Head2Head - Win a Head 2 Head Shootout on Big Buck Safari
Hunting Party - Play Big Buck Safari with three other people.
Mechanic - Completely demolish the car in Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting
Millionaire - Obtain $1 million on Tokyo Drift (you'll need to use a PIN)
New Challenger - Defeat an opponent on any fighting game.
Parry & Strike - Successfully parry 8 basketballs in the Parry round on Street Fighter 3
Stone Collector - Unlock Temple of Doom Multiball in Indiana Jones
Warming Up - Obtain a level 25 character in Gauntlet Dark Legacy

75 Points

Bentley Bash - Play Crystal Castles with a friend and beat their score
Buddy System - Bring in a new friend to signup on the PCs
Chaser - Finish Chase HQ2 on one credit
Clowning Around - Defeat a human opponent on Magical Drop 2
Crystal Skull - Complete all 4 Crystal Skull scenes on Indiana Jones Pinball
Drift Guru - Complete the Tokyo Drift Tour in one sitting
Duke - Win 5 consecutive four player matches in Warlords
Keeping Donkey - Collect all characters in Donkey Pinball on Shrek
Local Hero - Become the Hunter Hero on any level in Local Play mode
Medium Rare - Finish any level on medium difficulty on Blazing Angels
Perfectionist - Beat any opponent in Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting with a perfect
Run N' Gun - Beat any level on Metal Slug without dying
Splinter's Apprentice - Place 3rd or higher on TMNT
Survivor - Plant all 3 bombs in the Final Chapter of Mission 2 on Terminator Salvation without dying
Top Fighter - Get first place on either Street Fighter II or III's high score board
Way Over the Hill - Obtain a Level 50 character in Gauntlet Dark Legacy

100 Points

75 Levels Young - Obtain a level 75 character in Gauntlet Dark Legacy.
Black Hawk Down - Knock the helicopter out in Chase HQ2
Derezzolution - Defeat four human opponents in TRON 2.0(PC) in a light-cycle match
Eye of the Tiger - Win FIVE consecutive air hockey matches in a row
Fairie Tale - Hit the secret skill shot in Shrek pinball
Final Assault - Beat War: Final Assault.
Hockey Hair - Defeat a Game Grid Staff member on Air Hockey
Grid Warrior - Defeat a Game Grid Staff member in a 1-on-1 game of their choice
Lord of the Holy Hand Grenade - Win TEN consecutive four player matches in Warlords
On the Rocks - Make it to the top 3 on the high score table for Asteroids Deluxe
Parry Master - Successfully parry ALL of the basketballs in the Parry round on Street Fighter 3
Pentabolt - Unlock the special ending of War: Final Assault by collecting all 6 Pentabolts.
Smite Me O Mighty Smiter - Defeat Skorne in Gauntlet Dark Legacy
The King of Fighters - Beat the final boss Robert on King of Fighters 98'
Tricked Out - Beat a human opponent in a race on Tokyo Drift AND make first place
Warrior - Place in the top 10 on Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom
Wingman - Play Strikers 1945 II with a friend and beat the final boss on level 1-8
Zombie Slayer - Play through an entire game of House of The Dead 4

250 points

Ace Shot - Obtain an "A" rank on any level on House of the Dead 4
Another Day At The Office - Complete The Act: An Interactive Comedy
Anti-Terrorist - Complete a Terrorist Hunt wave on the hardest difficulty settings (High Density, Realistic) with two, three or four players on Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Castle Carver - Get the 1st place score on Crystal Castles, carving your initials into the castle.
Cold Turkey - Come in everyday for a week and use the PCs. Do it without playing a Call of Duty game.
Chart Topper - Hit the number 1 spot on the national leaderboards on Terminator Salvation and keep it for at least 24 hours.
Elite - Beat four missions on Terminator Salvation with the Elite Rank
Good Cop - Obtain the Captain rank in Chase HQ2
Hunter Hero - Become the Hunter Hero of any level in Trophy Club (online) mode
I'm A Doctor, Not a Window Washer - Complete the Heimlech Manuver scene on The Act
Legacy - Obtain a Level 99 character in Gauntlet Dark Legacy
No Joke - Reach Level 40 on Magical Drop II's Puzzle mode
Numa Numa - Reach wave 25 on the Shi No Numa map, Nazi Zombies
Tokkentakkers - Beat CarnEvil with a friend
Top Dog - Get 1st place in Dogfighting mode on Blazing Angels
Top Player - Win a Tournament (includes Big Buck Safari Online)
Turtle Power - Defeat the Shredder in TMNT
"Winners Don't Use Drugs" - Complete Ninja Gaiden in one sitting.
Zombie Massacre - get 1st place on the House of the Dead 4 high score table

500 points

Bomberman - Obtain a score of 4000 or higher on the classic PC game SopwithBursting at the Seams - Donate at least $25 to our New Games fund.(this can be obtained multiple times)
Dual Wielder - Play through an entire game of CarnEvil or HOTD4 by Dual-Wielding.
DragonSlayer - Defeat the Red Dragon in D&D: Tower of Doom
Fall of The Reich - Complete the Berlin level on Blazing Angels
Flying Ace - Finish levels 1-1 through 1-4 on one credit for Strikers 1945 II
Gandhi II - Beat BEN's score of 1,425,864 on Terminator Salvation
Gold Standard - Get a Double Perfect (100% accuracy, 100% hits) on 4 bonus games on Big Buck Safari in one sitting
Jungle Hunt - Complete any Adventure on Big Buck Safari and get all 45 bulls.
Pinball Wizard - Become the Grand Champion on either Shrek or Indiana Jones pinball
Rambo - Complete a Terrorist Hunt wave on the hardest difficulty settings (High Density, Realistic) by yourself on Rainbow Six Vegas 2.
Sharp Shooter - Complete a Trek on Big Buck Safari with 5 perfect streaks and 70% accuracy or higher
Throw Me The Whip! - Complete the Final Adventure in Indiana Jones
Uzi Fu- Obtain an 'S' grade on any level in House of the Dead 4

1000 points

Pingo De Ouro - Beat Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact using only Oro
Street Fighter - Beat Street Fighter III on one credit
War Master - Obtain the War Master rank (on your own account) in War: Final Assault

2500 points

Arcade Hero - Play through and finish every game in the arcade(in the case of games that have no ending, simply play the game at least once)
Maxed Out - Reach Lvl 99 on all characters in Gauntlet Dark Legacy
Space Ranger - Top 200,000 points or higher on Asteroids Deluxe

5000 points

GLC Must Die: The Costanza Challenge - Beat George Costanza's high score in Frogger from the Seinfeld episode
Obsessive - Complete ALL other Achievements above (World Warrior is an exception)

30000 points

World Warrior - Visit the Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL and meet Doc Mack to sign off on it.

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