Located at the Valley Fair Mall, 3601 Constitution Blvd. STE G114, West Valley City, UT 84119, in the North area of the mall between JCPenny and the Center court. Business Hours: Mon-Sat: 10AM-9PM; Sun 12PM-6PM
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Inside the Valley Fair Mall, Suite G114

Welcome to The Game Grid Arcade website!

    Looking for fun in the Valley Fair Mall area? Then we are the store for you. Video games are our passion and in addition to providing a safe facility where to play, we strive to provide the most unique gaming experience you can find outside of your own home.

What makes The Game Grid different?

     For over 40 years, video arcades have been an icon of excitement, challenge, skill, competition and fun. At the Game Grid Arcade, we are proud to carry on this great American tradition by offering a unique mix of arcade entertainment in it's purest form. Check out our selection by clicking on 'ARCADE GAMES' on the left. We are a traditional arcade, where the focus is on the video game itself.     


- We have several games that are NOT available on a home console or even in emulation! Besides, nothing beats the original!


- Some rarities we have include Warlords (4p cocktail version!), Chase HQ2, The Act: An Interactive Comedy and Dariusburst Another Chronicle (which you would need to visit Japan to play otherwise). Visit the Exclusive Games and Rarities page for more info!

Show off your gaming skills in public, challenge a friend or stranger to your favorite game or just have a good time with friends or family - arcades are where it's at! To top it all off, we sanitize our games on a daily basis!

Our games run on tokens - Video games, air hockey, pinball, foosball & more. Select games are also connected to the internet (when supported)


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    We have moved (again!). We are still located at the Valley Fair Mall in West Valley City Utah, just a few stores down from JCPenny. Our phone is currently disconnected but we are usually easier to get a hold of via Facebook or email if needed. We are only 20 min. or less away from downtown Salt Lake City and about 10-15min. away from Salt Lake City International Airport.

Come escape the depression of the Recession with coin-op arcade gaming! It's the most fun a quarter can buy!

News (5/23/2017) Adam

Moving (Again)

For those of you who have been with us since 2008, then you know we've seen many changes from out humble beginnings nine years ago. Growth brings change and while we were well served by the location within the mall that we had been at since 2012, it was too cramped for what we need.

So, we moved to a bigger space! More room, better floors and an all around better atmosphere than ever before! Many thanks to those who helped us in the transition. Be sure to drop by and check the new space out - there are still some additions and changes that we will be adding, stay tuned.

Also since our last update we have added more games including:

- Galaga Assault (old school Galaga in HD!)
-Cruis'n Blast (brand new entry into the Cruis'n series)
- Captain America and the Avengers (back from The Nerd Store)
- Super Shot Basketball (awaiting a repaired board)

We will still enforce the No Food OR Drink rule as nobody likes coming in to their favorite game only to find that someone else has spilled their drink over it and ruined the game. And yes, this applies to adults whom we have seen spill bottled drinks or food on games too. We want the games to work for everyone so we just ask that you respect the rule!

News (6/8/2016) Adam

8 Years in business!



-World Tour Foosball by Barron Games
-Bubble Memories: The Story of Bubble Bobble III by Taito
-Pulstar by Aicom

News (12/21/2015) Adam

End of 2015 Updates!

It has been a while since we updated the website here but we are going on strong! Our Facebook page has the most frequent updates but to at least refresh this page, I wanted to promote a beta test that we have had going on for a while, that of an indie game called SKYCURSER.

Put into a "Dynamo" arcade cabinet that we got our hands on earlier this year, the artwork and play style for this game feel like it came straight out of the 90s. The prototype build currently features two levels where you battle against the minions of Gaki or Julio. Level 3 is coming soon and when the game is complete, the goal of the developers is to include six total levels of mayhem.

Scores are tracked by kills and presently our top score is 1111 by LG7. The top score clocked on the game in the country so far is 2125 at another arcade where they are testing the game out - we would love to see someone top that!

More is on the way, including a video to show off all of the new games we have added to the arcade this year: Star Wars Battle Pod, Jurassic Park, DDR Extreme, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and more! Thank you for helping us grow and see you in 2016!

News (6/12/2015) Adam

7 Years In Business and A New Game

While the website here has been quiet (to stay up to date it is best to follow us on Facebook or Twitter), we have been busy, thanks to you. Earlier this week we reached a laudible goal in the business world, having been open for 7 years. We wouldn't be here without your support so we thank you. Here is a celebration video with a tour:

CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK (Youtube not allowing two videos to embed to the same page)

At the end of that tour is a new game announcement but since the cat is already out of the bag, let me point it out here - we are getting our hands on a STAR WARS BATTLE POD by Bandai Namco Amusements. This game is already one of the most famous releases to grace the arcade scene in years and it provides a Star Wars gaming experience that is completely unique in gaming. We do not have an exact arrival date yet as it is in shipping but within the next week or so it will be at The Game Grid Arcade!

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